Chapell Tyres & Treads

Chapell Tyres & Treads is the Franchise of MRF for retreading of used tyres. MRF is No. 1 tyre manufacturer in India, and has been giving high priority for retreading of used tyres in the south Asian region. The tyre retreaded with MRF’s innovative technology ensures economy, efficiency and saving. The advantages of MRF PRETREADS include:

Greater tyre mileage

Better road grip

Well researched tread patterns through years of innovation and testing

Proven rubber technology

Range of patterns to suit for different conditions

Low operating cost

MRF PRETREADS gives 70- 80% of original tyre mileage and cost about 25-30% of new tyre

The Chapell Tyres & Treads has installed capacity for retreading 230 tyres/month. The output can be increased with the increase of operational shifts.

We maintain high Quality & Cost Control. You may also take a look at our Technology/Manufacturing Process.

Rubber Patter