Quality & Cost Control

MRF maintains tight control of quality and cost of retreaded tyres by letting Chapell Tyres & Treads, the Franchisee, use only the equipment and raw materials supplied by MRF and fixing the prices of the retreaded tyres. These are governed by following paras. in the MRF PRETREADS AGREEMENT between Chapell Tyres & Treads and MRF:

“24) The FRANCHISEE agrees to maintain the quality standards required in the MRF PRETREADS SYSTEM and for this purpose the FRANCHISEE shall use only the good quality machinery, equipment and materials procured by FRANCHISEE from the FRANCHISOR or from sources approved by the FRANCHISOR in writing.”

“27) The FRANCHISEE agrees not to charge customers a rate higher than the maximum recommended rates fixed by the FRANCHISOR, for the retreading work to be carried out by the FRANCHISEE.”