The Bodyshop works comprise:

(i) Denting works,

(ii) Painting of vehicles, and

(iii) Body coating of vehicles.

The denting of the vehicles is carried out using state of the art equipment including rapid denter, mig welding, spot welding, electric welding, oxy-acetylene welding, grinder, sander and others.

The body painting is done in ATS ELGI Paint Booth under control conditions using Sikkens paint (of AkzoNobel Group of the Netherlands), the best paint available in the market. We mix and prepare the paint in our bodyshop using Sikkens mixing machine. So perfect colour matching and excellent paint finishes are our strength.

The Bodyshop also provides body-coat and under-coat services (also known as teflon coating) on cars for surface protection on car body and rust-protection from underneath using famous German brand, Würth car coats.

The combination of our facilities, Sikkens premium paint (of AkzoNobel Group), Würth coating services and our experienced manpower makes us one of the best bodyshop services in Bhutan.

Paint Booth