Creta vs Duster

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    Sangpa Tamang

    27 Mar 2016 Administrator

    Hyundai is calling it the perfect SUV, and yes of course that is a bit of a stretch! But is there some truth to it? The only way to really figure that out is to put it to the test against the segment benchmark - the Renault Duster.
    The Hyundai Creta is based on the same platform as the new i20 and what works for the car is its well-designed proportions and good looks. It has been launched with two diesel engines and one petrol. The 1.6 diesel also has an automatic variant, and there's no 4-wheel drive. Pricing is premium at between 8.59 and 11.19 lakh for the petrol, and 9.46 and 13.47 lakh for the diesel variants.

    The Duster has always been a bit weird looking, in a good way. The quirky looks give it a very definite identity, and there's no doubt Indian buyers have taken to it. The Creta is the beauty pageant winner though. But the weird thing, which I just can't seem to figure out, is why Hyundai has used LED lights up front in the form of parking lights rather than daytime running lights.....


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